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Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit - PhosPro™
Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit - PhosPep™
MALDI Sequencing Kit - PepFrag™
Antibody Biotin Labeling Kit - From Purification to Biotinylation
TMB substrate solution for ELISA
IPG Strip - Total Protein Distribution
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Kidney cancer detection kit - GenoPlex MAP

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2DE Service
· 1st dimensional IEF 24cm length and non-linear IPG strip
Broad range(pH4-10), 2unit or 3unit ranges
(pH4.5-6.5 / pH4-7 / pH6-8 / pH6-9)

· 2nd dimensional SDS-PAGE 24cm x 20cm x 1mm
10-16% gradient gel

· Staining MALDI-compatible ammoniacal silver
(detection limit 0.5~1ng)
Colloidal Coomassie Blue staining

Image Analysis Service

· Computer-aided image analysis (PDQuest v7.02(Bio-Rad))

· Digitalized spot quanty acquisition and normalized data

Format A : no spot quantity data
Format B : spot quantity data provided
Format C : spot quantity data, statistical analysis of expression profile
clustering, expression profile distance tree

Protein Identification

· Peptide mass fingerprinting(PMF) using MALDI-TOF(Ettan MALDI Pro)

· Sequence or fragmented peptide mass-based protein identification

· Chemical assisted peptide fragmentation(CAF MS/MS) using MALDI-PSD

Membrane Blotting

· Electrotransfer of proteins to PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes

Phosphoprotein Analysis Service

· Phosphoprotein enrichment from cell/tissue extract

· 2DE, Phosphoprotein staining(ProQ Diamond(Invitrogen)

· Phosphoprotein/phosphorylation site identification by MS analysis

Glycoprotein Analysis Service

· 2DE of total cell/tissue extract

· Glycoprotein staining(ProQ Emerald(Invitrogen))

· Glyciprotein identification by MS analysis

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