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Sample; plant, animal tissue, animal cells, microbes, body fluid

Samples applicable to 2DE analysis

- PBS washed cells or tissues
   - Body fluid or supernatant of cultured cell
   - Tissue or cell homogenate in aqueous buffer solution
   - Proteins in SDS sample buffer solution prepared for 1D SDS-PAGE

    * For oversease shipping of samples, protein extract in SDS
       sample buffer solution is prefered. This solution could be shipped
       at room temperature without detectable deterioration in physical and
       chemical property of popypeptides.   

 Amount of Samples required for 2DE analysis

   - sample loading:    Analytical gels :        50-100 µg protein
                               Semi preparative gels : 200 ug protein

      e.g. 1 x106 cultured cells, 1 mg tissue
                                          over 300mg for plant tissue

Preparative gels:          up to 3 mg protein


 e.g.   3~4 x 106 cultured cells, 10 mg tissue

Comparison of sample images    

Samples extracted from SDS sample buffers could detect more spots than 2DE lysis solution. 


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